Traveling for business? Visiting for pleasure? Hotels aren't the only way to stay somewhere for a short period of time. Furnished housing rentals are ideal for company travelers, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and families who need somewhere to stay for a while

We have a quality residential properties that has been configured to provide a high standard of short term accommodation.

You can rent a few weeks or a few months depending on your needs, you can rent a room or a house furnished or unfurnished.

All homes are furnished single family homes with privately fenced backyards (no apartments, no condos). Pictures may not reflect furniture.

Your Safety is our number one priority: All our homes are located in SAFE and NICE neighborhoods. We search safety maps before we buy any house !! We run background check for every tenant (if you are renting a room, we make sure that your next wall neighbor is safe!)

Locations: We have a location near each gate of FortBragg, near Cape Fear Hospital, near VA Hospital, near Lumberton SouthRegional Hospitals.

All our rentals are fully furnished, decorated to a very high standard, including all appliances: full size refrigerators (2 refrigerator in larger homes). All you have to do is unpack your things!

Rates: Rate starts at $295 Dollars according to room size, period of rent and location. The rooms with private bath are a little more. We can meet Per Diem rates and Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) rates.

Rate for whole house starts at 900 Dollars. Rate depends on square footage, location and term of the lease.

We guarantee best prices, we can beat any rate of a comparable location and give you 5% discount. We have special rates for travel healthcare professionals and military.

What is the next step    


1.    Supply basic info to make sure that you qualify and that we have the right rental for you. 

Please email us at

·      your name

·      your move in date, for how long 

·      monthly income and job 

·      rate range

·      looking for a room or house furnished or unfurnished


Or fill the application at this link

No obligations. no sensitive info.


  • Arrange for showing only if we accept your application :

What time is good for you to meet? Office address: 3433 Wipperwill Dr., Fayetteville, NC 28306 by appointment ONLY Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 7 PM.


Due to the pandemic, it is preferable to start with a video showing. I will show you by video the house and answer all your questions. To prepare for the meeting: 

  • On a smart phone, please download google meet application. Then click on the link that I text you.

o   On the computer, you have to have a Gmail account. Click on the link that I will email to you.


Frequently asked questions

Who currently live in the house:
We have been a leading provider of healthcare employee housing, travel nurses, doctors, military contractors, and active military service member. No specific job requirements.

What are your requirements:
* We require steady income and solid history of work .
* Income at least 3 times the rent
* Clear background check
* No eviction history

Are pets allowed? 

If you require pet free house, please let us know.

Will I sign a lease?

Yes. The lease can be a month up to a year. We do allow change to another house at any location at any time during the lease. No penalty or restriction. The new location rate will apply.

The longer the rental term the less the rent. 


I am looking to rent one room only, is it safe to live with other tenants?

Safety is number one priority. ALL homes are in safe locations. We do run background check for our tenants. So, rest assured!

Where will I park my car?

We have enough parking for one or more cars on the garage, drive way or carport.


Do I have to change utilities under my name:
It depends on the situation: For whole house rental for long period, you transfer utilities under your name.

For shared living situation, utilities are connected either under land lord name or under name of one of the tenantsCosts are split between tenants. 


Is there an internet and wifi 


I want rent only one room, how many tenants are living in the house?

Our homes usually have3 -4 rooms. Not all rooms are occupied at same time. You can rent the whole house. 


What are your rates?

The monthly rate for a room starts at $295. It varies according to room size, term of the lease, occupancy, location and if you have a private or shared bath. 


The rates are flexible and depend on how long you end renting.  For example, if you rent a room for $300 a month for a year lease then you have to leave sooner, your rate will be adjusted to the actual term of rent. The lease will specify all rates of all terms from a year to a month.

We cannot specify a rate until you decide a certain room at a certain location. 


Whole house rate starts at $950. It varies according to house size, term of the lease, location and if it is furnished or not. The rates are flexible and depend on how long you end renting.  


Are there locks on the individual bedrooms?

Is there laundry available?


Do you allow month to month rental?


Do you honor military orders?

Yes, we do. There is a military clause in the lease in case a service member receive orders to deploy or move to another base.

Do I have to pay a deposit?
Yes, it depends on your credit score and how long are you going to rent.

Is smoking allowed in the house?
No. It is allowed only outside the house.

Are pets allowed?
Yes. If you want a pet free house, please let us know.

How many bathrooms will I share with the other tenants if I do not rent a master bedroom.
Each house has at least 2 to 3 bathrooms.

Do you prorate rent if I move after the first of the month?
Yes, your rental period will start and end on same day of the month that you moved in. For example, if you move on October 17, next rent will be due on November 17 and on the 17th of every month.

What proof of income do you require?
Pay stub, bank statement or W2 or any other proof of work. We will call to verify your info. Your military ID is an enough proof.

Can I have a friend live with me?
Yes, but we need to add him or her in the lease.

Can I change the lock on my room?
Yes, but you need to supply a copy of the key to the landlord just in case you are locked out. Nobody will have access to your room without your permission.

Who will clean the house?
the tenants. There is schedule of cleaning in the lease


Do you have a room with more privacy?
yes, we do. We have in-law suites with private entry, a private kitchen and a private bathroom. Some of our rooms do not share walls with other rooms. Some rooms are separate from the house.

What if the cheapest room is not currently available?

You can freely move to a less expensive room once it becomes available. We give priority to our tenants.

Do you allow changing location if I do not feel comfortable with roommates?
yes, no penalty or restrictions. You pay the new location rate.


I am coming for a short period and I will not have transportation:
Some of our homes are short walk to the bus stops. Others are a short walk to Cape Fear hospital. 

How can I pay?:
First month we accept only certified checks or cash. Later, we accept cash, certified checks, debit or credit cards. The third party charges a convenience fee to process the card.  


What is the typical furniture and amenities of a house?

* Sofa or comfy chairs
* Coffee table
* cable connections
* TV 

* kitchen units
* Full stove and oven
* Microwave
* Full size Refrigerator
* Coffee maker
* Cutlery and utensils
* Pans and cookware

Most homes have newly remodeled kitchen cabinets with granite countertops.

* Queen-sized beds or larger
* All bed linen and pillows (upon requested)
* LED TV ( upon requested)
* Closet ( some has walk in closets)
* Chair
* table
* night stand
* dresser
* Chest drawer


are available in most homes



Our locations are shown in purple color on this map:

Contact us

Do you have more questions? 

Do you want to arrange for a video showing or a meeting at the office? 

Do you want to pay rent? 

You can book an appointment at this link:

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Will you commute to Fort Bragg?

The commute directions to the gates are in in blue lines. Our homes in red dropped pins, the base gates are shown as yellow star.


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